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We are

Using cutting edge technology, we are always one step ahead of the competition.

About us

We take our users experience seriously.

Simple to use

Easy to use UI, with an extensive set of features for every player.


Take the game into your own hands with vector, using our software become number one.


We understand everyone is different, everyone can be with our extensive features customizability.


Lightning fast software, zero latency, crisp clean visuals and more.


What we do?

Vector unlocks your true potential, letting there be no limits.

We keep you safe, no more will you fear getting banned! We understand your identity means alot, and will not be dragged through the mud, we take extra precautions to prevent this, become unparalleled with vector.

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What we offer

We offer endless amount of features, here are our favorites.


From speed hack to teleport, we have it all, new exploits are quickly found and added.

Easy To Use GUI

Everything in our software is easy to set up with minimal effort required.


Light weight, internal performance, fast crisp response with no latency.


From perfect silent to magic bullet or even classic lock, we have it all.


Bold and easy to see, always be one step ahead of your enemy.


Everything in our software is configurable, you are in control.


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